a few new things....

I'm going through what I'd like to call a "chrysallis" period. I'm learning, growing & evolving.....figuring out what brings my heart the most joy. Many of you know that I am a photographer, that for a few years my bread & butter was taking photographs. When my beloved camera broke, I had to take a step back from that & re-evaluate what I really wanted. Did I enjoy taking family photos?? Of course, I did. But my true passion in photography was the simple way I viewed & observed life from behind the lens. The documentary, no rules type of photography.

I am now at a place where, though with the help of a true & dear friend I am able to get my camera fixed, I find myself wondering if I'd like to return to that type of work or if I'd rather begin my very own personal empire of no-holds-barred documentary portfolios. In my heart, today I can say that is where my heart is leading me. I can also say that today, my heart is leading me to truly & finally pursue my dream of being an illustrator. Who knows, maybe I'll even write & illustrate a children's book like I've wanted to do for so long.

So, later today I will announce the closing of one chapter in my life & the opening of another (the closing of my current website & the opening of my illustration portfolio). This creative journey of mine has been a wild & wonderful ride with lots of twists & turns & up's & downs......but I look forward to the road ahead because I never plan to steer off the path ;o)

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