A new illustration that I will be submitting as stock at BigStockPhoto.



I am already addicted to Pinterest! It is one of the coolest things ever. I could spend all day there. I've been hearing the buzz about it for awhile but you never understand the full buzz until you actually get to use it!!

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baby, it's cold outside

They're playing holiday songs in a store here in the rural MidWest.
I feel sad, hopeful & excitedly disappointed all at the same time.

IF - Hibernate

Just a quick digital sketch for Illustration Friday from a somewhat sleepy me ;o)
Have the most beautiful Monday, everyone!


adventures in tilt-shift PART II

We headed out to the park yesterday afternoon. I brought my sketchbook & actually accomplished a few sketches but for the most part, I soaked up what was around me....a birthday party, kids running, parents laughing. It was a good day.

In other news....my beloved camera will be fixed in the next few days & I'm planning on offering my photography services again. What this means for the blog, I'm not sure yet. Perhaps I will modify my photojournal for sneak peeks of sessions. What I do know is that things are moving in such an awesome direction & I couldn't be more grateful to the powers-that-be for such a simply abundant life.