These Masks

These Masks ©2010 missysue hanson
I'm glad to see summer go this year. It's been one that has not only been physically hot and sticky but emotionally trying as well. Personal issues have clouded and clogged my every step and I'm just beginning to get my footing again. While dealing with an incredibly painful issue this year, I was also diagnosed with Vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disorder.

I have always had patches of skin on my arms that were lighter than the rest of my skin but it was never highly noticeable or even something I was concerned with. I actually thought the biggest patch was from a burn I got when I was two years old, when I pulled an iron down on my arm. For the past couple months, white patches began to show very prominently on my hands and wrists. They have progressively gotten worse, so much so that I've been asked while out in public if they are scars from a burn. They appeared rapidly and have since shown up on various other parts of my body, such as my upper arms and feet.

Though I'm not overly concerned with having it, I have been doing research and have found that doctors believe the spots get worse in correlation with emotional and/or physical stress. Which means I need to focus on only positive things, do only that which makes me happy. I also have to start taking vitamins that are designed to counter balance my immune system, since it is believed that this is an autoimmune disease.

As I write this, I look down at my fingertips which, just a few months ago looked normal. Now, they are white and encircled, breaking off from the rest of my hand like little ships taking sail.

For some good news, I am stocking the shoppe finally and getting back into the swing of things. Above is my new print, titled "These Masks". As soon as I'm done with this post, I'll be listing it in the shoppe.

love + luck + bliss,
missysue xox

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  1. so sorry to hear you've not been well this summer... it's been a similar story for me, stressful things have kicked something else not so nice into being...

    here's to being more balanced indeed :) xo